Radiology Education

To deliver excellence in patient care, accurate diagnostic imaging plays a crucial role. Providing quality radiology services can only be achieved with an appropriate education on advanced technologies backed by skilled radiologists. We, at Columbia Asia Radiology Group (CARG), take responsibility to provide an optimum learning environment for everyone involved in radiology, from radiographers to experienced radiologists. We offer optimized radiology educational programs to provide up-to-date and well-tailored knowledge on the next generation technologies to radiology professionals.

To provide the best comprehensive radiology education and world-class clinical experience, the CARG uses a team approach capturing the expertise of internationally renowned radiologists and technologists, along with the subspecialty experts, from different geographical regions to educate the radiology professionals.  We also organize a wide range of events, programs, and workshops, which not only cover the informational and practical aspects of radiology, but also offer insights into department logistics, radiation safety, and process workflow.

Radiology Courses Offered by CARG

The CARG educational courses are designed in a well-planned and organized manner for effectively delivering the knowledge and skills across the spectrum of radiology professionals.


For Radiographers and Radiotechnologists

CARG offers various training courses to enhance the skills in using the advanced imaging techniques as well as interpretation of radiology reports.

For Medical graduates

The training courses for medical graduates ensure best knowledge and skill development, while they gain an international exposure and engage in complex medical imaging research

  • Postgraduate radiology program recognized by National Board (DNB)
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For Qualified Radiologists

The CARG offers educational programs to help the newly qualified radiologists acquire practical skills and experience in radiology, and the experienced radiologists can enhance their skill set and acquire subspecialty expertise through these programs.